Words of Warning

Clifton Twins

A song about how the darkness of the night changes the appearance of familiar surroundings into an alienating, discomforting environment.

When you wake up in the night, it sometimes takes a while to re-orientate. In a moonlit city center everything looks different, even though everything is recognizable, and you feel a little detached from reality. It's as if the dream that you woke up to still continues.

With this song, we've tried to capture this atmosphere.

The sound of the track relies heavily on a punchy, noisy bass sound made with Razor, a soft synth by Native Instruments, that we also used for processing the vocals to create a vocoder sound. Razor really helped to generate the alienating atmosphere that we were after. There's a little twist to this when the intermezzo enters, which lifts the mood with a bright ride cymbal pattern and a Steely Dan inspired guitar solo.

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